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Hardscaping Services

The Foundation of Every Landscape

Increase your home’s value with hardscaping from Horning Landscaping. From patios to walkways, retaining walls to outdoor fireplaces – we create a custom design for the ultimate in form and function.

Hardscaping is an important element in landscaping projects. Interlocking concrete pavers provide a durable and beautiful alternative to concrete or asphalt for patios, walkways, driveways, fountains...even streets. Over 200 million square feet of pavers have been installed in North America, and the popularity of these materials is rising steadily. Numerous options exist for size, shape, color and texture.

When installed correctly, the surface is flexible, withstanding loads from traffic, wear and weather. The joints between each paver are filled with sand; this enables loads to be transferred to adjacent units in a pattern similar to asphalt. The joints eliminate the cracking common to concrete surfaces.

If problems underground require excavation, the pavers are simply removed and later replaced; no materials are wasted. Most paver installations allow air and moisture to penetrate, allowing for the health of plant roots. Pavers stand up well to snow removal processes and resist deicing salts better than conventional asphalt or concrete pavement.

Hardscaping installed by a qualified professional ensures safety and structural integrity for many years to come. We are constantly striving for excellence, and warranty our work from the ground up. Every hardscape installation we design incorporates visual interest, durability, and harmony with your property’s existing elements.

  •Sitting walls
  •Pool decking
  •Retaining walls
  •Outdoor fireplaces
  •Edge stone

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