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Property Maintenance Package

Our property maintenance services can be as simple as residential lawn maintenance or as complex as reliable management of large commercial grounds. Our professionals work closely with you to create your perfect environment – a landscape that is clean, beautiful and functional.

Horning becomes your eyes and ears on site, not only performing the specifications of our contract, but alerting you to potential site issues before they become problems, monitoring the long-term health of your landscape, and suggesting budget-conscious ways to enhance your property investment.

Count on Horning for Consistent, Value-oriented Service. Highly-refined estimating systems help us know precisely how many crew members and how many hours to assign for any job, so our services are delivered on time and on budget. Our planning processes ensure that we know exactly when to prep, plant, treat, maintain and renew, so your grounds will look their best year round.

  •Seasonal clean up (spring and fall)
  Spring Clean Up
After the winter is over make sure your yard is ready for the spring with the removal of all leaves and debris that have accumulated over the past months. This service does not include weeding of any beds.
Fall Clean Up
As the fall is upon us and winter is approaching it is important to properly prepare your turf and your garden beds and one of the most important needs is to make sure that leaf litter and debris are removed from the landscaping. Service includes collection of leaves and debris. The fall clean up is performed two (most popular option) or three times to promote and maintain curb appeal during the fall months. The fall clean up can also be performed once at the end of the season, after the majority of the leaves have fallen. Debris is placed curbside unless otherwise requested.
  •Shrub Shaping / Pruning
  Using only standard and accepted horticultural practices the shrubs in your yard are pruned for maximum growth and beauty. All trimmings will be cleaned up and removed from site.
  •Initial Weeding of Landscape Beds
  The most effective control of early weeds in the garden bed is hand weeding. Proper weeding will contribute to the growth and vitality of the plants in your landscaping. Beds will be hand weeded as needed.
  •Landscape Bed Pre-Emergent
  A granular pre-emergent application will be applied to the Landscape Beds after the initial weeding. The pre-emergent will provide long term weed control by aiding in preventing new weed germination.
  •Mulch / Edge Landscape Beds
  “Manicuring’ your garden beds with mulch will not accent the beauty of your landscaping but will also provide weed and erosion control, and will also provide effective water management for your plants and flowers. Service includes re-edging of landscape beds and installation of mulch where applicable.
  •Lawn Maintenance
  Any one can “cut” your lawn but our knowledgeable staff understands the importance of proper lawn maintenance practices; including frequency, depth of cut and disease prevention. Each and every cut service also includes line trimming and edging.
  •Landscape Bed Maintenance
  One of the key threats to the beauty of your gardens flowers is competition from weeds and because of this we hand weed the gardens beds on a regular basis to control these unwanted guests.
  •Turf Fertilization Program
  There are many keys to a lush green lawn and a key one is a complete and thorough fertilization program. This multi-stepped program will provide nutrition for you turf while also protecting it from unwanted weeds and stresses.
Pre-Emergent Application (April)
Post Emergent Application (May)
Early Summer with Green Up (July)
Late Summer with Insect and Grub Control (August)
Fall Fertilization with Winterizer (September)
  •Turf Rejuvenation
  Even with the best in turf practices there comes a point when a little extra effort is needed to make sure your lawn stays vibrant and healthy. Our experienced staff will offer a professional analysis of the rejuvenation services your lawn will require to provide you with years of splendor.
  Using a series of metal tines (rake fingers) the thatch (dead grasses) are removed to allow for a wonderful base for over seeding or as a gateway for proper nutrients and water to reach the roots of your lawn.
  •Core Aeration
  Using a “Core Aerator” which removes small cores (plugs of grass and soil), we will go over all accessible turf areas. The removal of small cores of the grass and soil allows for the root structure to be exposed to oxygen, water and nutrients resulting in an increased root structure. The removed cores remain on the turf surface to naturally breakdown providing additional composted materials.
  Both dethatching and aeration have provided the perfect opportunity for grass seed to establish because of greater soil contact. We at Horning Landscaping use a tri-mix of fescue grass seed for your lawn. According to Rutgers University, fescue type grasses are best adapted to the climate of Southern New Jersey; less watering, fewer pests and greater disease resistance. Seed is applied over top of the existing turf with a broadcast spreader.
  •Seasonal Color
  Beginning with the selection of only the finest, most colorful annuals Horning Landscaping will provide a wonderful splash of color to your landscaping. Besides our standard selections of flowers we will make every attempt to plant your favorites from the past or some new and exciting introductions. You can choose from spring, summer, fall and early winter packages each designed to add beauty to your homes landscape.
  •Gutter Cleaning
  Protect your homes interior from water by caring for your homes exterior gutters. The removal of the leaves and debris in your gutter system protects your house from water intrusion caused by a clogged gutter. Our technicians will carefully clear your gutters and downspouts allowing for proper drainage.
  •Winter Clean Up
  Before “Old Man Winter’ arrives, and during his stay, make sure to prepare and protect your landscaping from the harsh conditions they face. Protect your tender plants (roses, hydrangeas and others) by providing an insulation of burlap. An application of organic compost will restore nutrients and provides essential trace elements needed for plant growth throughout the year, while also adding rich, black humus back into the soil for healthier plants. As the winds howl and the snow blows, our staff will continue to maintain and clean your yard from debris that accumulate on a regular basis.

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